May 2019 Newsletter

A few words from Ms. Kerrie:


Dear Forevermore Families,

I would like to thank you all for the trust and confidence you have placed in me and my staff over the last 15 years to teach and inspire your children. Forevermore’s original mission statement was to; Educate, Enrich, and Empower through the Arts.”   I started this school back in 2004 with the heart of a teacher, wanting to share my life-long passion for the arts and to give back to the community through teaching. I believe that by instilling a love for the arts in our youth, we can impact the future of not only our individual students, but our community as a whole. As we move into our next season, Forevermore is creating significant changes to rededicate itself to its original mission statement. We as teachers and as artists are honored to share our talents and passion with your children.  

Our goal at Forevermore is to provide your children not just with skills in the ARTS, but also life skills that will carry through to adulthood and everything they do.  

Forevermore students will:

  • Discover their passion while gaining critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

  • Build the strength, endurance and courage to go beyond what they thought was possible. 

  • Be accepted for who they are and as all types of learners.

  • Connect who they are to what they are doing beyond the studio. 

  • Understand they are part of something greater than themselves. 

  • Create a nurturing and artistic community. 

  • Learn focus, discipline and respect without sacrificing their childhood. 

  • Feel included in a group that values teamwork and their opinion. 

  • Channel their energy into something positive. 

  • Feel a sense of accomplishment

  • Understand personal responsibility on a deeper level. 

As we enter our 16th season, I want you to know Forevermore will be undergoing a "facelift” over the coming year (2019-2020). In addition to more obvious studio aesthetic revamps, there will also be many behind-the-scenes changes. I make these changes with the intent of pursuing my original goal of WHY I began the studio back in 2004: to create a studio home for future performing artists to grow and explore their innate talents and gifts in a nurturing environment. To build a space “Where Art has Heart!”  Please be patient as we continue to grow this vision and to implement our transformation over the coming months.

As the current year comes to an end and the registration period for the coming year comes to the forefront, we are asking for your feedback to help us design a schedule with you and your children's needs as our primary focus. Please take a few minutes to fill out your Pre-Registration information sheets in your class recommendation packets with as many details as possible. We will not be able to meet every single student’s needs, but we will try to meet as many needs as possible while keeping our studio space and staffing in mind.

As part of the revamping, we are also instituting a new pricing model, meant to bring us in line with those of comparative programs in the Chicagoland area. Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, we will provide the option for our families to enroll in ACH auto-payments.  There will be a 2% credit card processing fee on auto pay tuition, but ACH will be free of charge. 

We are excited to be implementing new discounts for multiple classes. We are offering a 10% family discount and a 10% discount for full year tuition installment payments. We are also introducing a NEW Unlimited Pricing model to make Forevermore and all of its resources more accessible to those who may have felt limited in their options to train more intensely due to budgetary constraints. We hope this new Unlimited Package will eliminate financial barriers and feed the fire that is in every aspiring artist to learn and experience as much as they can! 

To thank you for your continued support of Forevermore and to reflect our vision to make an impact on our community, we are updating our Referral Program and will be issuing our current families a $100 credit for each new referral that signs up for classes.  Please take a moment now to reach out to 3 families you know who might benefit from the programming we offer at Forevermore, be it Dance, Theatre, or Music!  We truly hope to see you back next year for more learning and growing!

Benefits of Ballet

As our studio grows, we continue to expand and develop the curriculum of our programs to provide the highest quality arts education for your children.  Inside your registration packets, you will find your Class Recommendations for the 2019-2020 school year based on student evaluations and teacher recommendations. We are so grateful to work with all the children who attend Forevermore and proud of the growth we see in each and every child. 

It is our philosophy that classical dance training (Ballet) provides the best foundation for all forms of dance. It develops beautiful, strong bodies through its emphasis on good posture and the balanced development of strength and flexibility. It provides the dance technique (the how-to), and the vocabulary (steps), used by all dance styles as well as the discipline and structure through which all dancers can express their individuality. It is strongly recommended that all dancers study ballet because it is an excellent complement to other dance styles. 

Graded Technique students in Level 3 Ballet and up are required to attend a minimum of 2 ballet classes a week. (Students at this level who are only interested in taking one ballet class a week will be enrolled in our Essentials program.)

Dreams of Pointe Shoes

Students between the ages of 12-15 who’ve completed 3 years of ballet training (including at least 1 year in which they have taken ballet class twice a week) may be ready to study Pointe with approval from the director. Pointe classes are held separately from ballet technique, but require taking ballet class at least twice a week to ensure a dancer is strong enough to execute the vigorous exercises involved and to prevent injury.  For more information look at our Pointe Program Informational Brochure.

Boys Can Dance Too! 

Ballet isn’t just for girls! Did you know many professional football players are required to cross train in ballet classes to increase their flexibility and agility? At Forevermore, we believe that boys can absolutely pursue dreams of dancing too!  Ask us about our Boys Scholarship Program.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are another great way to continue to enhance your dancer’s training, giving them the opportunity to work one-on-one with a specialist to improve technique, work on flexibility, prepare choreography, or perfect material for an audition. Our teachers are here to help our students succeed in any way we can!  Studying dance is similar to learning to play an instrument, only your body is the instrument and the more you practice the better you become!  

Did You Know? 

We offer Group Acting & Music programs that are also included in our multiple class and family discounts?  Plus, based on the overwhelming success of our 360 Dancer class we offered this year, we are adding Acro classes to our curriculum!

Unlimited Membership Program

This NEW program is a minimum 12-month commitment created to make conservatory-style training more accessible to our students.  The Unlimited Program includes tuition for all group classes, including Ensemble Summer Programs, Ensemble 2019-2020 Season Program Tuition, & 10% off all merchandise sold at Forevermore, including costumes!

We look forward to continuing to learn and grow together with you in our 2019-20 season!  Please feel free to call or email us with any questions or concerns.  

“Success & Happiness lies in you.  Resolve to be happy, and your joy and you shall form an INVINCIBLE host.”- Helen Keller

With Love & Light,

Ms. Kerrie 

Upcoming Dates:


6-Week Spring Mini-Session 2:

April 28-June 8


Online Recital Ticket Sales:

May 5-June 13


Dance Moms & Wine Social:

Friday, May 17

Parent-Teacher Conferences for Dance Students:

Saturday, May 18

Priority Registration for Current Families:

May 18-June 15


Memorial Day Weekend (Studio CLOSED):

May 24-27


Last Day of Class for Non-Recital Students:

Thursday, May 30


Recital Program Ads & Special Messages Due:

Saturday, June 1


Acting & Music Spring Showcase:

Sunday, June 2

Recital Spacing Rehearsals:

Sunday, June 9


Recital Dress Rehearsals:

Saturday 3pm Show:

Tuesday, June 11: 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Saturday 7pm Show:

Wednesday, June 12: 5:30 - 8:30pm

Friday 7pm Show:

Thursday, June 13: 5:30 - 8:30pm


Recital 2019: Then, Now, and WOW!

Friday, June 14 at 7pm

Saturday, June 15 at 3pm & 7pm

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Priority Registration starts Saturday!

priority registration

Help us serve you by filling out your Priority Reg Forms TODAY and we will create a schedule that meets your needs!  Finalized schedules published July 15.

  • Register by June 15th and receive $100 credit towards costumes or private lessons!

  • Register for ACRO or 360 Total Dancer and receive a complimentary ticket to Cirque de Soliel!

  • NEW Referral Program- $100 Tuition Credit for every new student that you refer who registers!

Dance Moms & Wine Social

RSVP is encouraged, but not required. You can RSVP at the front desk or by calling us at 773-237-5200. Hope to see you there!

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Recital is Almost Here!

what do you stand for?

We hope everyone is getting excited for our 2019 Recital! As we get closer to the week of the show, please check your calendars to be sure you will arrive for spacing and dress rehearsals at the correct times. Remember, attendance at these rehearsals is mandatory to participate in Recital.

Spacing rehearsals are Sunday, June 9CLICK HERE to view the schedule.

The Saturday 3pm dress rehearsal is Tuesday, June 11 from 5:30-7:00pm.

The Saturday 7pm dress rehearsal is Wednesday, June 12 from 5:30-8:30pm.

The Friday 7pm dress rehearsal is Thursday, June 13 from 5:30-8:30pm.

The Man Dance rehearses on the stage Tuesday, June 11 from 7:00-8:00pm.

CLICK HERE for more information on all things Recital, including detailed information about recital hair and makeup, directions to the theater, arrival and dismissal instructions, and more!

Don’t forget to buy your tickets! Each Forevermore family receives 4 complimentary tickets as part of their Recital Package. These tickets can be redeemed via a unique promo code that was emailed to you earlier this month. Online sales end June 13th. Buy your tickets now!

All of our dancers have been working so hard all year...we are excited to see them take the stage June 14th and 15th!

Acting & Music Spring Showcase

jungle book

Students in our Music & Acting programs will showcase their talents on Sunday, June 2nd! Come support these gifted young artists! Tickets are sold online only and are available to purchase HERE!

Stay Strong All Summer Long!

spring into summer

Summer is a wonderful time to explore new classes, or focus on maintaining your technique and improve the skills you've developed all school year.  Come explore something new and fun, keep your muscles strong, and your brain sharp.  We have many classes and camp options for kids of all ages. 

Click here to learn more about the variety of programs we're excited to offer this year.

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