Some Thoughts About Personal Responsibility and Dancing


Dance is an individual art form. It is extremely personal. You can have textbooks for references, but you must have a teacher, a mentor, to guide you and an open mind to learn. The dancers themselves are in complete control of the outcome. The individual decides just how far they will go by their level of commitment and determination, not just their level of interest.

Dancing and Training Can be Hard

Dancing can be fun, but it's not all fun and games. Dancing is about constant training and commitment to your mind and body. A dancer must decide to "dance smartly" in order to maintain a level of accuracy and continue to grow with technique. Wonderful movement quality doesn't come overnight. It is developed with much practice. Practice with intent and purpose. As my own ballet teacher would say, "You can choose to be a dancer or an uncontrollable mover."

Once a dancer reaches a certain level of achievement, without continued training, much can be lost in a short amount of time. You may have heard the saying, "If you don't use it, you lose it." Well, that is true. Often times, school dance team, for example, gets in the way.


A dancer decides to be on the dance team at school and that can be time-consuming. They decide to cut back on the "boring" classes, aka technique classes, and only take "fun" classes, such as choreography style classes like contemporary. Man oh man, will the ability level quickly fly out the window! Ballet classes also make a huge difference. You can't replace a good ballet class. Ballet is the foundation of it all. A dancer cannot cut out basic, fundamental classes and expect to drastically improve.

Getting Results in Dancing Takes Time

The level of success a dancer can achieve lies within them. They need to be confident with who THEY are. It isn't about how interested a dancer or their parent is, it is about how committed the dancer is to the art. Dance is a way of life. Dance is all about personal responsibility, desire, and work ethic. A dancer only gets out of the class what they put into the class.

No matter how tired a dancer is at the end of a class, they should always finish stronger than they started. Like I always say, if you love to dance, you better love to work hard. Dance is so fulfilling when you feel accomplished and proud of yourself. Not proud of the trophy in your hand, but proud of the personal goals you accomplished.

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