Tap Classes

Intro to Tap

intro to tap

Minimum Age/Grade: 5yrs or Kindergarten

In these classes we begin the transition away from Creative Movement by introducing our students to the specific steps and terminology  of Tap.  Intro to Tap is a prelude to formal dance instruction and geared to the ability and attention span of students age five (Kindergartners), or 6 year olds who are brand new to dance.  Students will develop a foundation for tap technique in a learning environment that fosters a love for dance and music. They also learn dance vocabulary, exercises that introduce various rhythms, and proper etiquette in a noncompetitive atmosphere. These are 45 minute classes designed to compliment Pre-Ballet, Jr. Jazz, and Hippity Hop - either back to back like a combo class, or on alternate days of the week.

Tap (Levels I-IV)

Tap is a form of dance developed in the 1900’s and has been a favorite for audiences and dancers alike. It’s like playing a musical instrument with your feet and once you get the rhythm in your body you can’t stop moving. Dancers produce different rhythms by making intricate sounds with their flaps, shuffles, slaps, and scuffles. Proper tap terminology is taught while learning how to listen and reproduce various sounds and rhythmical patterns all while having a great time.

Please see dress code information here.

Note: Tap classes take place at Forevermore's dance studio on:

7466 West Belmont Avenue, Chicago, IL