Your child’s first dance class at Forevermore is on the calendar and it’s all your child can talk about … what they’re going to wear, who they’re going to meet, what they’re going to do.  It’s seemingly endless anticipation!

We know how exciting it is for you and your child to get ready for their first dance class.  Sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming too—like learning a whole new “dance language” for this new adventure!  Rest assured that the feeling is normal, and we’re here to make sure you feel informed and organized for that first class.  Check out our easy recommendations for being as prepared as possible for the big day:

2-4 weeks (or days) before:

  • Read through Forevermore’s policies and dress code
  • Obtain the correct dancewear and shoes
  • Check the schedule to confirm your child’s class day and time

1-2 weeks (or days) before:

  • Visit us at the studio with your child (if you haven’t already!)
  • Talk with your child about what it will be like to listen to the teacher and meet new friends
  • Be sure to practice putting on a leotard, tights and shoes your child in before dance class

On the day of:

  • Make sure to plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early so your child doesn’t feel rushed
  • Leave any jewelry or toys at home
  • Be sure to pack your child’s dance shoes in a bag, to make sure they’re not worn outside

Remember that your child might feel anxious before the first class, and that’s OK!  Our teachers will put them at ease and make sure they feel welcome in the studio.  Keep reassuring your little one that it’s normal to feel nervous before trying something new, and that you’re proud of them for making the effort.

In our experience at Forevermore most students take time to “warm-up” to the routine of coming to dance class, and it may take them a few weeks to feel completely comfortable.  Some students, of course, jump right in with no hesitation!  We love them all the same and are equipped to support them either way.  No matter what, we look forward to seeing your little one in class soon!

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