The decision-making process of finding the right children’s theatre academy may be tricky to navigate. There are a lot of aspects to consider. These 5 things should help guide you in choosing the best acting school to enhance your child’s theatre abilities and hone their craft as a young performing artist. 

Location, Location, Location 

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Where you go, matters. When considering the location of the children’s theatre academy, you want to think about the greater area in which the school is located and how long the commute may be. Although distance may be a determining factor, take time to consider your child’s commitment and dedication to their passion for performing arts and the program. There are ways to get creative to make it work if the distance is a downfall. By talking with the instructors and attendees of the acting school, you may be able to figure out who attends and also may live in your area to set up a carpooling schedule!  

Consider Cost and Value Equally 

Considering the cost goes hand in hand with the value of the program. When researching programs and acting classes, make sure you read the academy’s policies and financial agreement in order to understand when payments are due to avoid any additional charges. Tuition and fees vary depending on multiple variables. Oftentimes there is a payment plan agreement that provides clarity for you and the children’s theatre academy that has clear expectations of when tuition and fees are due. At Forevermore Art’s Theatre Academy, there are 10 monthly payments charged on the 1st of each month for consistency and ease. If you’re unable to afford the cost of a program but have extreme dedication, definitely take a look at scholarship programs as many theatre schools want to be accessible to a diversity of students and families. 

Acting Class Size 

How big the class sizes are can indicate the diversity, individual attention, and interaction and engagement between the students and teachers. Is your child more of a one on one learner or do they thrive in groups? You may want to consider some private lessons in addition to group classes. Does the program focus on building performance skills to lead to success in a show? By talking to people already in the program you can get a better feel of the dynamics and structure of the classes to ensure it’s in alignment with you and your family’s preferences. 

The Theatre Arts Community 

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Thinking about who makes up the community of the acting school is crucial to choosing the right place for your child to take acting classes. Teachers and acting coaches are a major part of the theatre community. They are here for you. Reach out and talk to them. Ask them questions and get to know them. Are they invested and passionate about what they do? Make sure that your child’s commitment is being met by the theatre academy’s commitment to your child’s success. Do the teachers help leverage your child’s potential and help them improve their skills? The teachers who specialize in acting will be an integral part of your child’s experience and thus, it matters to form a positive and engaging relationship with them in return. 

Are You Aligned with the Mission of the Children’s Theatre Academy? 

Consider the methodologies and techniques the teacher’s use and how they might serve your child’s growth and expansion. Do they offer fun and dynamic classes that are age-appropriate material for your child? Are the students learning everything from the basics of theatre to the overall production of a live performance? Are there opportunities for both beginners and more advanced students? Asking questions like these will help guide you engage in your child’s program and support their growth.  

If you are someone who is seeking the perfect acting school for kids, there is a lot to consider. After evaluating these aspects, we hope you find the right children’s theatre academy that provides young people participatory theatre education, specialization and encouragement in theatre training, and meets your needs as a performing arts family. Lights, Camera, Action!

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