Grit is essential for growth, and as Angela Duckworth puts it, “gritty people have a growth mindset; they don’t give up.” This applies to our young dancers too! At Forevermore, we believe in fostering resilience, determination, and tenacity in our students.

 💪Facing Challenges in the Arts: Life, like the arts, comes with challenges. Whether it’s a dance step that needs refining or facing a rejection in an audition, we encourage our students to persevere. These lessons teach them resilience, work ethic, and the ability to bounce back from setbacks.

👏 Empowering Through Dance: We want you to know that this message is close to our hearts. Through dance, theatre, and music, we’re teaching your children to be grittier and empowering them for the future. These skills go beyond the dance floor and prepare them for life’s challenges.

📚 Did You Know?: Students who regularly participate in dance not only earn higher GPAs but also perform better in science, math, and writing. Dance positively influences SAT scores, college enrollment, and academic achievement. Additionally, it boosts confidence, coordination, and compassion for others. As we say here, “The Arts make great kids!”

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